Become a part of the Defence Industrial Corridor

  • Step 1:Submission of Proposal/Letter of Intent from Applicant addressed to CEO, UPEIDA.
    The Letter of Intent must clearly bring out your current capabilities, areas of operations, list of suppliers (if you already are a Defence product manufacturer), brief of your project proposal, estimated project value, estimated land requirement, and estimated manpower employment.
  • Step 2:Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent, UPEIDA will conduct a preliminary feasibility review of your proposal. Once your proposal passes this, a Confirmatory letter from UPEIDA along with copy of our A&D Policy, Draft MoU, application form with checklist of documents and Calculation Sheet for land cost will be forwarded to you.
  • Step 3:Signing of MoU between Industry/Applicant and UPEIDA.
    This step can be carried out offline as well as online. The MoU signing will mark your company becoming a part of the Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor.
  • Step 4:Submission of Application for land, Detailed Project Report and requisite documents along with EMD and processing fees for land allotment.
  • Step 5:Vetting of Project Proposal and documents by UPEIDA, raising of observations if any.
  • Step 6:Review of Project Proposal by Technical Evaluation Committee.
    Consideration for land allotment by Land Allotment Committee and issue of Provisional Allotment letter.
  • Step 7:Submission of 1st installment for land parcel, finalization of payment terms  and lease deed.
  • Step 8:Execution of lease and physical handing over of land.