Note: The table below provides references to PDF in any of the two languages either English or Hindi

S. No.TitleUploaded Date
1 Bids are invited through the e-tender Portal (https// (Tender Id 2023_UPEID_804905_1, 2023 UPEID 804994_1, 2023 UPEID_805010_1, and 2023 UPEID 804974_1, all dated 23.05.2023) for "Selection of Safety Consultant for Groups-1, Groups-II, Group-III, and Group-IV of Ganga Expressway Project respectively". Interested Bidders may download the Bid Document from the e-tender Portal (https// Language :English New 24/05/2023
2 "The RFQ-cum-RFP Document for Engagement of a Consultant for Preparation of DPR and Bid documents for Selection of Contractor for Supply & Installation of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) for "Agra- Lucknow Expressway" has been published on e- tender portal viz. https// 2023_UPEID 801799_1) for inviting proposals." on 16.05.2023 (Tender ID-2023_UPEID_801799_1) fir inviting proposals. Language :English New 17/05/2023
3 "The Bid Due Date for the tender, published by UPEIDA on the e-tender portal viz. https// (Tender id no. 2023_UPEID 769024_1) for selection of a Contractor for Operation and Maintenance of Toll Plazas and Toll Collection along with deployment of 06 number of Ambulances and 12 number Patrol Vehicles along with required personnel manning these vehicles along the Bundelkhand Expressway, has been extended to 23.05.2023 till 0100 PM. Interested bidders may upload their bids on e- tender portal till the extended Bid Due Date and time." Language :English New 17/05/2023
4 "The Tender Document for Selection of Agencies for Operation and Maintenance of Toilet Blocks with Food Kiosks at Package I, II, VI, and VIII of Purvanchal Expressway has been published on the e-tender portal viz. https// on 01.04.2023 (Tender ID- 2023 UPEID 792008_1)," Language :English New 03/04/2023
5 Bids are invited on GeM Portal (https// Bid number GEM/2023/B/3312237 dated 28.03.2023/ for "Selection of an agency for catching as well as ensuring prevention of entry of animals on the 'Purvanchal Expressway' and monitoring & reporting damages to crash barrier/fence installed along the Expressway." Language :English New 28/03/2023
6 "RFQ-cum-RFP document for 'Engagement of of a Consultant for preparation of details and Bid documents for selection of Contractors for (1) Supply & Installation of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), and (2) Operation & Maintenance for Toll Plazas and Collection of Toll, for 'Gorakhpur Link Expressway Project', has been Published on the e-tender portal viz. https// on 13.03.2023(Tender ID2023_UPEID_784136-1)." pdf [209 KB] Language :English New 14/03/2023
7 Bids are invited for e-tender Portal(http// Tender Id 2023_UPEID_780613_1 Dated 3/3/2023 ) for Carrying out survey of acquired land Phasse-2 for defence corridor project in Village-Bhatgaon, Tehsil-Sarojninagar, District- Lucknow Language :English 03/03/2023
8 'Tender Document for inviting Technical and Financial Proposals through e-tender for selection of a service provider for Hiring of Eight High Roof Ambulances for 'Purvanchal Expressway' has been published on the GeM portal viz. https// Language :English New 27/02/2023
9 Short-Term Notice Inviting Tender (e-tender) for Defence Corridor Jhansi-Node & Chitrakoot-Node pdf [1012 KB] Language :English New 24/02/2023
10 Bids are invited through the e-tender Portal (https// Tender Id 2023_UPEID_774817_1 dated 14.02.2023) for "Selection of agencies for operation & maintenance of 'Toilet Blocks with Food Kiosks' along 'Bundelkhand Expressway' for package II III, IV and V." Language :English New 14/02/2023